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暖通空调 Emergency: Identifying the Severity of a Furnace Issue

February 3, 2020  |   by 管理

Your furnace can stop working at the worst possible time. Unfortunately, this usually happens on the coldest day of the year. While some furnace issues happen without notice, some types of furnace issues give off warning signals that something isn’t right.


While you can’t really stop your furnace from breaking down, here are a few signs that your furnace needs emergency furnace repair.


Power Outages


If your lights flicker every time your furnace kicks on, you need the help of both emergency 暖通空调 and electrical technicians. 电 fires caused by malfunctioning furnaces can spread quickly, so if you suspect this is happening, contact your 暖通空调 professional immediately for 暖通空调 emergency service.


Furnace Cycles Too Often


Another warning sign that your furnace isn’t working right is how often it cycles. If your furnace is cycling too frequently, it’s usually a sign that it’s working harder than it needs to and can’t keep the right temperature. While changing a dirty air filter can be the issue, many times it’s not. If rapid cycling continues, enlist the help of a 暖通空调 specialist for furnace repair.


Strange Noises


Loud banging and clanging sounds are never a good sign. While it’s normal to hear your furnace kick on and off, loud rattling, popping or banging sounds are not. These sounds can come from the pilot light not igniting properly, or there’s a issue with the burner. If you hear any of these sounds, you may need heating service and inspection to get to the root of the problem.




If dirty, furnaces can put off an odor that may smell like something is burning. Once cleaned, if the odor goes away and your furnace runs fine, there’s no need to worry. 然而, if you continue to smell a burnt odor when your furnace is in use, you need to investigate further.


Loss of Functionality


最后, if your furnace stops working completely, it’s safe to say that you need 暖通空调 emergency service. While some cases are a quick repair, others may not be so easy. Even if it does come on here and there, you need to find out what’s causing it to malfunction. Dirty internal burners or other types of buildup can cause your furnace to malfunction. These types of issues should only be handled by a licensed 暖通空调 technician.


The Bottom Line


When it comes to diagnosing the need for emergency heating service, Precision Air recommends you be your own advocate. Be sure to schedule seasonal 维护, keep your air filters clean and take note of any strange noises or smells when your furnace is running.


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